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This is the club show of the Scottish Norwich Plainhead Club which will be held in conjunction with Linlithgow CBS on Saturday 24th November 2012.

Honorary Secretaries, Mr and Mrs E. Adams, "Kirtledene", Kirtlebridge, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, DG11 3LR, Tel 01461 500250. Only paid up members can compete for the following specials.

All birds to be bred and moulted by the exhibitor and rung with the Club's closed ring, or a Midland Counties Plainhead Club ring. No bird having more than one ring allowed to compete for Club specials. All exhibits to be shown in the Clubs standard showcage with black open top drinker and standard spars. Only plain canary seed in bottom of cage.

Entry terms to be clearly marked 'SPC' against each bird competing for Club specials.

Entries that are not nominated 'SPC' will not compete.

Judge for our club show is: B Leigh


Trophies can only be awarded if they have been returned.


1. JACK McLELLAN DIPLOMA most points with three nominated birds - one old   and two unflighted birds.  Plus 25 special awarded by the family of the late Jack McLellan. Entry Form to be marked 'J McL' in respect of three nominated birds.

2. The Ernest H. Stockley Trophy plus 20 for the best unflighted bird. 

3. Lisbeth Fleming Trophy plus 5 for best unflighted bird opposite sex to E.H.S. trophy winner.

4. The J.C.Hutton Cup plus 10 for best old bird.

5. The Kean Cup presented by the family of the late George E. Carle plus 10 donated by G. Rice for the best unflighted bird exhibited by a member resident north of the border.

6. The Bob WylIie Cup plus 20 for the best Norwich Canary presented by Mrs.Sheila Wyllie and family.

7. 10 Special for Second best Norwich canary.

8. The Gaultier Cup plus 10 for the best novice canary.

9. The J.Reddin Memorial Shield plus 10 for the best novice old bird.

10. The W. Begbie Memorial Shield for the best unflighted novice exhibit plus 10.


Breeders Produce Stakes

Mark entry form 'BPS' and ring number. To be competed for by birds with ring numbers I to 200 only.

The R Wyllie Memorial Shield.

11. 15 best unflighted

12. 10 second best unflighted

13. 5 third best unflighted

14. 4 fourth best unflighted


Other Specials

15. 5 best Cinnamon

16. 5 best White ground

17. 10 best Green   Donated by Mr Brian Leigh

18. 5 best Junior Norwich plus rosette


S.P.C. Rosettes

Best Champion old cock

Best Champion old hen

Best Champion unflighted cock

Best Champion unflighted hen


In presenting this specials list, we take the opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks to those members whose generous donations have made it possible.