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 (A sample from the Club Rule Book, available from the Hon.Secretary)

 The business of the club shall be constructed by a Committee of Management numbering 24, which shall consist of a President, three Vice presidents , and twenty ordinary memebers, five to form a quorum. There will be elections to establish Presidential and Vice Presidential positions. At all meetings, the chair shall have a casting as well as a deliberate vote. Other office bearers shall include an Honorary Secretary and a treasurer (combined), two Auditors and one Scrutiner. The duty of the Scrutiner shall be to count and examine all voting papers. Office bearers shall be elected annually from the members by ballot. The committee shall be composed of six members resident north of the Forth, six residents from the East of Scotland , six resident in England and Wales and six from the West of Scotland. At the annual ballot every member shall vote for members of the Committee for their own area only, but for officers of the club members will vote as a body. After the ballot has been declared at the Annual General Meeting, the secretary shall notify each member, asking if they are willing to serve the club in the position elected. Should the reply be unfavourable , the secretary shall have the power to bring forward the next member having the highest number of votes.

The names of candidates desiring admission to membership shall be sent to the secretary accompanied by the current annual subscription. The committee shall have the power to admit or reject any application without stating any reason. Any applicant so rejected however, may on demand have their case considered by the Members in General Meeting called for that purpose. The finding of such a meeting will be final.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in March each year. The Committee shall have power to fix and alter dates of meetings and to call special meetings at any time they consider necessary. The secretary shall be bound to call a Special General Meeting on a requisition signed by no less than ten ordinary members. At any General or Special Meeting, seven shall form a quorum. At all meetings the vote of the majority of members present shall count, unless before the result is declared a ballot be demanded. If a ballot is demanded, the Chairman shall decide where and when and how it should take place. Seven days clear notice shall be given to the members specifying the place, date and hour of the meeting, and in the case of special business shall be given either in the intimation or by notice in the Fancy Press. A member who cannot attend any meeting shall be entitled to submit a statement and vote in writing.


All Societies granted patronage will be required to comply with the conditions laid down by the patronage committee. These will include.

(a) Classification to at least Club Standard

(b) No entries to be accepted from any suspended or expelled member of the Club

(c) All Judges officiating in the Norwich section must be a member of the current Panel of Judges, or on the norwich Federation list of Panel Judges

(d) Judging to conform strictly to Club Standard scale of Points.

(e) All birds competing for Club Specials at the Open or Club show must be bred and moulted by the owner and rung with the Club's closed ring.

At the above Patrronage shows no member may win more than two Club cash prizes with one bird. All prizes at the Club show are open to all members irrespective of the number of prizes won at patronage shos. Any breach of the foregoing conditions may result in the prizes being withheld.

All members must use the standard show cage and fitments. Plain Canary seed only in cage. Full details of the show standard are available in rules document.

All novices shall lose their novice status automatically after a period of five years

When two members of the Club are breeding and exhibiting from the same address or in partnership, when one of the members ranks as a champion, both of these members will be recognised as champions.


The colour of green is an official green for the interior and is available from the Honorary Secretary. The exterior is gloss black. The show cage is standard as specified by the society, these must comply exactly with the standard when used by the exhibitor. Drinkers are black plastic two hook, or zinc with black exterior and metalled interior. Floor covering is plain canary seed. Examples of Show Cages are given below.