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What is Patronage?

The SPC gives support to Cage Bird societies who wish to have a Norwich Canary section in their show 

Patronage is in the form of money and other awards.

How is it decided? 

Patronage applications must meet the following rules

 Patronage will not be granted unless a panel Judge is appointed

 A and A+ Patronage will only be granted where a main panel Judge is appointed from the A list of Judges.

 Club show patronage will only be granted where an A list Judge is appointed

A Norwich Federation panel judge will be acceptable in all situations

 In exceptional circumstances where a non panel judge is appointed the Committee can award a patronage if they deem it to be in the best interest of the club.

A list of Judges available for patronage is available from the Honorary Secretary and the Judges section on this website.

All returns to be in by the May Patronage meeting


From now on there will be no 'C' level patronage. C level is now effectively changed to 'B' level

 A + Patronage Shows

40 plus ribbons

A+ patronage is now 40 - Best U/F champ cock 10 . Best U/F champ hen 10. Best old bird champ 5 (bred by exhibitor). Best U/F novice 10, best old Novice 5.

'A' level is 15  

'B' level is 9

All specials have tartan ribbons or rosettes. This represents a large increase in patronage - free of charge. We hope clubs will utilise this facility by employing the correct judges and paperwork. B Level patronage might be awarded without a qualified judge.  English judges with Midland membership have reciprocity with us.

Club secretaries have to engage an 'A' level judge for A level patronage, there must also complete the returns correctly otherwise patronage will be altered in the following year.

Judges must now show as a minimum own bred birds 3 times at 'A+' shows over the course of three years. This can include the club show. English judges have own area club shows which will be taken into account. Judges lists will be monitored and reviewed accordingly. Members with correct qualifications should apply to get onto the judges panel.




The following patronages have been awarded for the 2013 show season :


Club Show - Linlithgow CBS


SPECIAL PATRONAGE                   

Southern Norwich Plainhead Club, Gravesend   




Chichester C.B.S.  

Hinckley & Burbage                                   

Musselburgh C.B.S.         

Northampton Alliance

N. E. British Bird & Mule Club              

Trimdon & District C.B.S.                       



Annan C.B.S.      

British Birds Online                                    

Grangemouth C.B.S.

Kelso C.B.S.

Loanhead C.B.S.    

North Walsam                                 




Ayr & Prestwick C.B.S.                            

Dalbeattie & District C.B.S.                      

Irvine & District C.B.S


Nith Valley C.B.S.                                     

Norwich Alliance                    

Portknockie & District                               

Ripon C.B.S.                                            

Spey Valley                                              

Wakefield CBS