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We have new pictures in the Gallary updated to January 2010

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1:Best Green Club Show 2008. K Grigg




 2:Best Norwich, Best Unflighted, Best Bird in Show, Winner of British Open, J. Roby, Unflighted varg Yellow Cock, Club show  2003

















4. Best White. Club Show 2008. C&S Goodall


5:Lightly Var Yellow Cock, best Bird in show, 1997 English National. C and S Goodall. Photo by D.Avon





6:Clear Buff Cock - best Norwich at English National 1998.C and S Goodall.Photo by D.Avon




 7:Yellow Cock Best Norwich, 1999 English National.C and S Goodall.Photo by D.Avon





8:Var Buff Norwich Cock, 2nd best Norwich 1999 English National , C and S Goodall.Photo by D.Avon


9:Clear Buff Hen. Champion Best Canary 2001 English National. C and S Goodall.Photo by D.Avon




10:this white hen was best white ground champion at a previous English National.  C and S Goodall.Photo by D.Avon


11:Cinnamon Buff hen best cinnamon at English National.C and S Goodall.Photo by D.Avon




12:Best Unflighted Hen, J. Roby, Unflighted VAR, Yellow Hen, Club Show, 2003



13: 2nd Best BPS. Club Show 2008. C&S Goodall




14: Club Show 2002  Best Nor  and Best Bird in show  F Brimblecombe unfl varg buff hen


15: Best Novice. Club Show 2008. P Harrison







16: Novice Section. Club Show winners 2008.












17: Winning Norwich Club Show 2009 - yell unfl cinn hen owned by Ken Grigg












Club Show 2009. Best Old Hen.  A Clear Buff hen owned by T Stevenson





 19: Best Old Cock, Varg Buff Cock, F. Brimblecombe, Club show, 2003

20:Some Nice Cinnamons, Messrs S. Bell, Purdie /Leslie, Nairn and Bell, Club Show 2003




 21:Best Cinammon, Unflighted yellow hen, C and S Goodall, English National, 2003




22: Unflighted Varg Yellow Cock, S Camilleri, English National 2003



23: Unflighted Clear Yellow Hen, K. Ferry 2003

24: FLTD, Varg Buff Cock, C and S Goodall, English National 2003



25: FLTD Var Yellow Hen, S . Camilleri, English National, 2003

26:3rd Best Norwich, FLTD Clear yellow Hen, English National, 2003, K. Ferry




27: Unflighted Clear Buff Hen, Best Norwich, K. Ferry, English National, 2003












28: J. Roby's Best Bird in Show at Scottish National 2004 with it's No 1 Rosettes. Winner of British Open Championship.





29.Club Show 2009. Best Champ unfl cock.  Best opp sex. Cl Buff cock owned by K Grigg







30 Club Show 2009. Varg buff hen. Classs winner. K Grigg















31Club Show 2009.Kean Cup. Best North. T Stevenson





  32 Club Show 2009. Best Novice. Fl yell hen P Harrison